Tasmanias Pristine South

Page 72 | Tasmania’s Pristine South 2021 FRESH WATER Fishing in rivers and dams for brown, rainbow and brook trout and Atlantic salmon is popular in the Huon region. Traditional fly fishing is also popular on the Huon River and feeder rivers. Fishing with soft plastics and lures is the easy way to get a feed. You will need a licence for fishing in fresh water in Tasmania. Trout fishing needs a light spinning rod with very light line for accurate casting of small plastics and lures. There are many quiet spots up the rivers where you can test your skill against a wily trout; you just need to head up there. Fresh water licences are required for the season from August 1, 2020 to April 5, 2021. A single adult licence is $75.50 per year and a concession is available for seniors. Licences are available from Service Tasmania, online at service.tas.gov.au or from Franklin Marine and other fishing stores. ESTUARY The Estuary is perfect for bream, flathead, crayfish, Australian and Atlantic salmon, barracouta, elephant fish and many more. Traditional bait fishing in salt water is still very productive. Soft plastics and lures are also a great way to bring in a bag of fish. Fish for bream and flathead as you would at home. Silver lures retrieved fast will catch Australian salmon and barracouta. Crayfish can be caught with cray rings in the Channel. Cray pots can be used south of Port Esperance and a licence to catch crayfish is required. The season is generally from mid-November to late April. Visit a Service Tasmania outlet or go online to service.tas.gov.au to purchase a licence. Season dates can be checked online at http://dpipwe.tas. gov.au/sea-fishingaquaculture/ recreational-fishing/recreational- fishing-seasons Licences are available from Service Tasmania and online at service.tas.gov.au for abalone, scallops and netting. Strict size and catch limits apply. To ensure your fish are up to size, obtain a Tasmanian government fishing ruler from Service Tasmania or at Franklin Marine. No licence for scale fish is needed in salt water if caught on a line. OFF SHORE When off shore fishing, you have the chance to catch southern bluefin tuna, yellow fin tuna, broad bill swordfish, albacore tuna, stripey trumpeter, gummy shark, abalone, crayfish and more. There are seasons for stripey trumpeter and some other fish. Bluefin tuna usually turn up around January with the warm currents. Season dates can be checked online at http://dpipwe.tas. gov.au/sea-fishing-aquaculture/ recreational-fishing/recreational- fishing-seasons The most popular local spots are the southern end of Bruny Island and 34 kilometres south of Recherche Bay where you will find Pedra Branca. These productive islands are well protected by weather and you will need a large strong boat with good weather to make the day a success. Deep-water bottom fishing and trolling for tuna needs good strong gear. The free to download Tasfish App on iTunes and Android has a lot of fish facts, maps and recipes. Visiting anglers usually need some local information and gear to make the most of their visit. Franklin Marine can help you select the right rods, reels, braid, lures, soft plastics, jigs, rigs, hooks, sinkers and bait to make your trip a success. Free fishing guide books, full- size stick on boat measures and rulers are available from Franklin Marine and other fishing shops. Your fishing guide to the south H18125 F I S H I N G I N T H E S O U T H - T A S M A N I A