Tasmanias Pristine South

Tasmania’s Pristine South 2019 | Page 7 Kingborough, the Channel and Bruny Island collectively create one of the largest municipal areas in Tasmania. The area, steeped in history, boasts an array of things to see and do. There is shopping for all your necessities in the central townships of Taroona, Kingston and Blackmans Bay, along with a chance to discover the townships that make up the Channel and the opportunity to explore historical Bruny Island. The Channel You will discover secluded beaches, walking tracks, magnificent views and waterfalls for those seeking adventure. There are also boutique shops and fantastic eateries in every little town that dots the coastline. Discovered by Bruni D’Entrecasteaux, the stretch of water’s namesake, Margate, Snug, Kettering, Woodbridge and Middleton can be found on your journey down the Channel Highway. The D’Entrecasteaux Channel is sheltered by Bruny Island, making the beaches along the coast, including Kingston Beach, Coningham or Peppermint Bay, calm and enjoyable for families. Take a short bush walk into Snug Falls, or up to Cathedral Rock, or to the hidden Boronia Beach, all of which are only a few of the 31 tracks to explore in the area. Travelling down the Channel offers a variety of wineries, galleries, museums, landmarks, national parks and reserves and natural attractions. Each township showcases a proud beating heart, which is pumped by the diverse and charismatic locals. Bruny Island With a proud Aboriginal history, Bruny Island is the jewel in the beautiful crown that is the Kingborough municipality. One of Australia’s first lighthouses, the Cape Bruny Lighthouse was built in 1836 at the southern end of the island. ‘Bruny’ as it is affectionately known by locals has a plethora of walking tracks, which will take you from the beach to the crest of the sea crags. Make sure to take a camera, there are too many magical photo opportunities for visitors to miss. Bruny also offers a chance to discover amazing food, from cheeses, meats, fudge and the island’s famous oysters. The ferry to Bruny Island can be accessed in Kettering, the boating heaven of the area, and the ferry timetable can be found at brunyislandferry.com.au Kingborough, the Channel and Bruny Island Photography by Open2View.