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Tasmania’s Pristine South 2019 | Page 29 Dr Jennifer Lemon Monday 9am-12noon Call today on (03) 6264 1037 to make an appointment 63 Main Street, Huonville (opposite the BP service sta on and next to Tower Pizza) H14277 The chiropractic team that welcomes a ll visitors to the Huon Valley a nd available to meet all you r chiropra ctic needs du ring you r stay in the region. Dr Mary Clutterbuck Monday 1pm-3pm Tuesday 9am-12.30pm • 1.30pm-6pm Wednesday 9am-12.30pm • 1.30pm-8pm Thursday 8am-12.30pm • 1.30pm-8pm Friday 9am-12.30pm • 1.30pm-7pm Saturday 9am-2pm (181 Harrington Street, Hobart) CLINIC HOURS HUONVILLE CHIROPRACTIC CENTRE The Huonville Chiropractic Centre has seven chiropractic tips for travellers: Sit with a purpose - good posture is extremely important and is the best measure you can take to prevent back and neck pain. Take a break - most people want to get to where they are going as quickly as possible. This means sacrificing movement breaks for speed. Movement is key – your joints have little to no blood supply. They need movement for nourishment and to flush out pain causing waste products. For every hour you travel, you need to stop and move around for about 10 minutes. Take turns - dividing up the driving time will give you the chance to relax, stretch out your legs and move around as much as possible to prevent spasms or cramps. Change positions – when driving, people keep their right leg forward to reach the accelerator, sitting in a twisted position for an extended period. This twisting can be reduced by bringing the seat forward an inch to sit more squarely. Lumbar support - sitting for long periods stiffens muscles, causes spasms and shortens hip flexors. Sitting too close to the wheel can cause poor posture. Give your lower back the support it needs with a cushion. Cool down - applying a cold pack is one of the most effective pain relief treatments. It’s also an extremely easy way to prevent pain from increasing. While driving, apply the cooled pack to the given spot for 15 minutes or until the pain subsides. Stretch it out - sitting in your car seat, grab under the right side of your seat with your right hand. With your left arm reach over your head and grip just above your right ear, gently pull your head to the left until you feel a stretch in your neck. Hold for 15 seconds, then switch sides. This is to loosen up your joints and release joint pressure. Enjoy your holiday pain free If you need treatment or support for your back or neck pain, contact the Huonville Chiropractic Centre on (03) 6264 1037. They are located at 63 Main Street, Huonville. OPEN 5 DAYS MONDAY TO FRIDAY FROM 9AM-5PM P. (03) 6264 2226 E. huonvalleyhealthfood@gmail.com Huon Arcade, 13 Main Road, Huonville E S T D • 2 0 1 5 We are a Pharmacy offering a wide range of products, including prescriptions, blood pressure checks and a Pharmacist to answer any questions you may have. A fully stocked health food store including local honey and nuts, pantry essentials, gluten free and vegan food options. In-store Naturopath available, including practitioner only supplements. H14367 Aerial view of the Huon River and bridge in Huonville - photography by Open2View Huon Valley u